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Embrace the Courage You've Been Given (もらった勇気を抱きしめて; Moratta Yuuki wo Dakishimete) is the ninth episode of the IDOLY PRIDE anime series. It aired on March 7, 2021.


At the Hoshimi dorms, Kotono Nagase explains the story of her final fight with Mana, and tells Sakura Kawasaki that she wants her to sing Mana's unreleased song at the Grand Prix. The members check social media, where they see rumors of Sakura receiving Mana's heart during Sakura's heart transplant.

Before rehearsals, Sakura is approached by paparazzi who ask her questions about the rumors. Kohei Makino protects Sakura from them, and suggests she takes a day off to rest.

Makino and Mana discuss the rumors back at the dorms, where Sakura comes in to talk to Makino about the possibility of her heart being Mana's. Makino calls out to Mana as she tries to run off, when reveals Mana is in the room, but as a ghost. Mei comes into the room to help Sakura and Mana communicate to each other. Mana tells Sakura that she doesn't want her singing her own song, but Sakura says she will take responsibility for singing it.

Sakura tells Kotono that it is indeed her sister's heart, and Kotono asks to her Sakura's heartbeat. Sakura tells her that she has decided to sing Mana's song at the Grand Prix.

Mana tells Makino that she does not have the energy to move, however she regains her energy when Sakura begins to sing. The next day, Sakura reveals to the press that she received a heart transplant, but due to privacy of patients she cannot disclose whose heart it is.



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