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EP1 1.jpg
Season 1 Episode 1
1. From This First Step
(この一歩から; Kono Ippo Kara)

High school classmates Mana Nagase and Kohei Makino become close friends when Mana joins a small entertainment company with Makino. Mana starts from the bottom as a high school idol to a popular idol, with Makino as her manager.

EP2 67.png
Season 1 Episode 2
2. The Reason We Stand Here
(ここに立つその理由; Koko ni Tatsu Sono Riyuu)

Kotono Nagase and Sakura Kawasaki meet each other outside of the Hoshimi Production building. As Kotono is auditioning, Sakura enters the building and asks to audition too. She has a voice identical to Mana's. Kotono's childhood and memories of her sister Mana are revealed.

EP3 96.png
Season 1 Episode 3
3. Everyone's Looking for the Answer
(誰もが答えを探してる; Dare mo ga Kotae wo Sagashiteru)

Kotono's best friend, Nagisa Ibuki joins the group. LizNoir members Rio Kanzaki and Aoi Igawa ask Shinji Saegusa to come back to Van Production, another entertainment company. Rio and Aoi watch the Hoshimi Production dance lesson and learn the choreography after one look.

EP4 35.png
Season 1 Episode 4
4. Raise the Volume More and More
(もっともっとボリュームを上げて; Motto Motto Volume wo Agete)

The Hoshimi Production members become motivated to improve their performances. Makino and Mana meet Mei Hayasaka on the way home from work. Mei introduces him to Rei Ichinose, and Mei agrees to join the company. Mei answers to Mana, confusing Mana and Makino as she can see Mana's ghost.

EP5 12.png
Season 1 Episode 5
5. Separate Lights, One Feeling
(別の光 同じ気持ち; Betsu no Hikari Onaji Kimochi)

Haruko Saeki and Rei join the group. The Hoshimi members are split into two groups, with Kotono and Sakura as leaders. The members find Rei working part time at a convenience store, as she moved out to become an idol. The members take a group photo outside of the blooming flowers, which represent success.

EP6 132.png
Season 1 Episode 6
6. For a Precious Stage
(かけがえのないステージを; Kakegae no Nai Stage wo)

The two groups, Sunny Peace and Tsuki no Tempest, are preparing for their debut. TRINITYAiLE are introduced, while their company president Kyoichi Asakura is on the phone to Hoshimi Pro.'s Saegusa. Sunny-P and Tsuki-Suto perform, as Mana watches from the sky as they take a bow.

EP7 1.png
Season 1 Episode 7
7. Shining Smile

Sunny-P and Tsuki-Suto compete the VENUS Program, winning the first round. Saegusa tells them that the NEXT VENUS Grand Prix will be back on after a hiatus, due to Mana's accident. The members spend their day off in the pool and have a barbeque in the evening.

EP8 1.png
Season 1 Episode 8
8. You're Good Just the Way You Are
(君は君のままでいい; Kimi wa Kimi no Mama de Ii)

Rio congratulates the two groups for making it to the finals of the Grand Prix, however she calls Kotono an inferior copy of Mana. Sakura and Makino visit the doctors to check up on Sakura's heart, where Makino has a hunch about Sakura's heart donor.

EP9 1.png
Season 1 Episode 9
9. Embrace the Courage You've Been Given
(もらった勇気を抱きしめて; Moratta Yuuki wo Dakishimete)

Kotono decides that Sakura should sing Mana's final song, and they will recreate the song from memory. With Mei and Makino's help, Sakura expresses her concerns to Mana. She announces to the press that she had a heart surgery but cannot confirm whose heart it was previously.

EP10 1.png
Season 1 Episode 10
10. A Place That Cannot Be Reached Alone
(自分だけじゃ辿り着けない場所; Jibun Dake ja Tadoritsukenai Basho)

TRINITYAiLE are determined to win the next round of performances, after being inspired by Mana to succeed her popularity. While TRINITYAiLE and Sunny Peace are performing, Mana continues to lose her energy.

EP11 1.png
Season 1 Episode 11
11. Burn the Sound of Life
(命の音燃やして; Inochi no Oto Moyashite)

With Mana's energy fading, Kotono is told about her sister before she disappears. After talking with Rio Kanzaki in the park and reading Mana's final diary entry, Kotono decides to talk to Mana before it's too late.

EP12 1.png
Season 1 Episode 12
12. The Story That Begins With Goodbye
(サヨナラから始まる物語; Sayonara Kara Hajimaru Monogatari)

At the Grand Prix finals, Tsuki no Tempest and Sunny Peace perform. While at a special location in Mana's heart, she says her final goodbyes to someone close to her.