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Everyone's Looking for the Answer (誰もが答えを探してる; Dare mo ga Kotae wo Sagashiteru) is the third episode of the IDOLY PRIDE anime series. It aired on January 24, 2021.


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After breakfast in the company dormitory, Sakura and Kotono watch a news segment on the popular idol group LizNoir. Later in the day, Kotono has lunch with her best friend Nagisa Ibuki while discussing how Kotono is getting along with the other members of Hoshimi Production.

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At the Hoshimi Production office, Suzu and the other members ask to learn choreography instead of basic training. After their lessons, the members decide to go out for a meal and invite Kotono out; Kotono refuses and runs off by herself.

Makino meets Kotono in the park while she is exercising, with Mana's ghost leaving to sit along the beach. Makino tells Kotono that she cannot be a solo idol if she wants to reach the top of the VENUS Program and that Mana reaching the top as a soloist was a miracle.

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The next day of rehearsals, Nagisa joins as a new member of the group. Back at the dorms, the members are discussing why they became idols, with Kotono asking the members to stop bringing up Mana, then going back to her room.

During the next lessons, Kotono goes into the office for a break to find Rio Kanzaki and Aoi Igawa, the members of LizNoir, talking to Saegusa. Rio requests Saegusa to either return to Van Production or let LizNoir transfer to Hoshimi Productions; Saegusa tells her he doesn't plan on returning and doesn't want to cause any more fights with Momo Asakura.

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Rio and Aoi watch the member's dance lesson and then perform the same song, showing the gap in skill between the two groups. Rio tells Saegusa that she'll make him regret not letting them join Hoshimi Production. Kotono asks Shizuku is they could watch the recordings of the rehearsals that she made to make them improve.



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