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For a Precious Stage (かけがえのないステージを; Kakegae no Nai Stage wo) is the sixth episode of the IDOLY PRIDE anime series. It aired on February 14, 2021.


Makino tells all 10 members of Hoshimi Production that their debut live has been decided. He tells them it will be held on the special stage at the Hoshimi City Hoshimi Festival, which is where Mana also made her debut.

EP6 44.png

Kotono's group begin their dance lessons, while Sakura's group starts with an interview to prepare for their debut. Saegusa tells them both groups will be entered for the VENUS Program. Both groups then record their debut song, have dance and voice training lessons, and have a photoshoot.

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At an idol competition, TRINITYAiLE take the win. After the performance Kyoichi Asakura, the president of Van Production, speaks to Saegusa over the phone. Rui Tendo tells Asakura that they are close to beating Mana's winning streak, with him replying that they will never surpass her in ability if they are preoccupied with trivial things.

EP6 127.png

At the Hoshimi Festival, Mana recalls her debut performance; Makino says he is still at Hoshimi Production to see another moment like Mana's debut again. Sakura's group Sunny Peace perform first, with Kotono's group Tsuki no Tempest performing afterwards. Tsuki no Tempest take a bow, with Mana watching over them in the sky.



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