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From This First Step (この一歩から; Kono Ippo Kara) is the first episode of the IDOLY PRIDE anime series. It aired on January 10, 2021.


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Makino addresses the 10 Hoshimi Production idols individually, encouraging them and reminding them of all their efforts and how they're engraved into the girls for their performance. All the girls then form a circle and place their hands on top of one another, saying an encouragement chant led by Kotono.

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5 years prior to the current story, Mana Nagase, a student, is on the Spring Festival Special Stage addressing new students while Makino watches. Later on Mana asks Makino to stay after school as she wants to ask him something. It's revealed she wants him to join Hoshimi Production with her and that she promised Saegusa that she wouldn't join unless he hired Makino.

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As Mana becomes more active in the idol world, her ranking increases. Starting from a C3 rank, she builds herself a fanbase and manages to win Newcomer awards. Both Mana and Makino graduate from Hoshimi Private High School and Makino becomes a full time employee of Hoshimi Production, while Mana becomes a full time idol. Mana performs at her school's graduation concert, where Haruko Saeki, Nagisa Ibuki. and Kotono watch on.

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Mana decides to enter the 14th Next Venus Grand Prix, an idol competition for newcomer idols and encourages Saeki, who's also an idol under Hoshimi, to enter with her. While Haruko gets eliminated early on, Mana manages to pass all stages of the Grand Prix, making it to the final, however, she dies on her way to the final's venue, in a car accident.

2 years later, Makino, who still works for Hoshimi, visits his old High School. It's here where he sees the ghost of Mana.

In the present, Makino is getting ready to interview new junior idols, he is also still seemingly able to see Mana and communicate with her. On the day of the audition outside Hoshimi Production, Kotono goes to make her way inside, however, Sakura crashes into her. Catching her before she falls, Kotono and Sakura acknowledge one another. The opening theme is then introduced.



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