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Hikarigasaki High School (公立 光ヶ崎高等学校; Kouritsu Hikarigasaki Koutou Gakkou) is a public high school located in Hoshimi City, Japan, within the IDOLY PRIDE universe.

Hirakigasaki High School Emblem


Hikarigasaki is a public high school located in Hoshimi City. It is the biggest school in Hoshimi City with many students. It is active in committees and club activities, and has received various awards. Due to the school's policy of placing importance on the independence of the students, the person who becomes the student council president has a big shoes to fill each year.

As said by the current student council president, "If you want to improve your spirit of the spring wind, the autumn wind, and frost, you should come to Hikarigasaki".


The school's uniform features a green blazer, a pleated skirt and a dark blue sweater. The blazer has the school's signature emblem on the left side of the chest; the blazer is patterned with a orange stripe on the collars and the rim of the sleeves. The dark blue V-neck sweater includes two white stripes across the neckline and the hemline and can be worn during both summer and winter. The white button-up shirt is worn underneath the sweater and all students wear a striped tie.

There are variations of sock styles and tights worn amongst the members, such as: knee-high green socks, over-the-knee striped green socks, and black tights. The footwear includes low-heeled brown loafers.


Current Students