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IDOLY PRIDE (アイドリープライド) is an anime television series which premiered on January 10, 2021. IDOLY PRIDE serves as the series opening song.

Plot Summary

A small entertainment company, Hoshimi Productions, based in Hoshimi City, produces one of the rising stars of the idol industry: Mana Nagase. A few years later, Hoshimi Productions holds an audition to find a new idol. Kotono Nagase, the younger sister of Mana, appears on stage along with Sakura Kawasaki, a girl with a voice just like Mana's. Starting with just Kotono and Sakura, and later totaling to a group of 10 girls, they all gather and start living together in a dormitory. They are joined by TRINITYAiLE, who want to surpass Mana, in addition to LizNoir, who have an extraordinary rivalry with Mana.

Standing up to each other and competing with the pride in their hearts, they aim for their best as the emotions surrounding Mana and the rivalry become entangled.



Hoshimi Production




  1. From This First Step
  2. The Reason We Stand Here
  3. Everyone's Looking for the Answer
  4. Raise the Volume More and More
  5. Separate Lights, One Feeling
  6. For a Precious Stage
  7. Shining Smile
  8. You're Good Just the Way You Are
  9. Embrace the Courage You've Been Given
  10. A Place That Cannot Be Reached Alone
  11. Burn the Sound of Life
  12. The Story That Begins With Goodbye