Kokona Natsume is a Japanese voice actress and singer. She voices Nagisa Ibuki in the IDOLY PRIDE series.


Kokona Natsume grew up watching anime as a child and was influenced by her older sister to become a voice actress, due to her sister aiming to become one too. She received modelling jobs throughout her elementary school years but wasn't passionate about modelling. Her family were all interesting in performing arts, which influenced her decision to go into voice acting as a career.

Kokona's career began in December 2017, where she participated in the third Music Ray'n Super Seiyuu Audition, where she debuted along with voice actresses Mirai Tachibana, Kanata Aikawa, Moka Hinata and Koharu Miyazawa.


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  • Her hobbies and skills include making sweets and whistling
  • She loves Precure anime and her favorite series is "Futari wa Precure" (ふたりはプリキュア).
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