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Raise the Volume More and More (もっともっとボリュームを上げて; Motto Motto Volume wo Agete) is the fourth episode of the IDOLY PRIDE anime series. It aired on January 31, 2021.


Watching back footage of their lessons, the members agree to come up with a plan to improve their performances. Makino and Saegusa are discussing in the office how the group are almost ready to debut.

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While walking home, Makino and Mana meet Mei Hayasaka who needs help. She says goodbye to both Makino and Mana.

Makino tells Mana that something feels off within the group, and they visit Mei again. Mei shows Makino a girl dancing in the distance; she tells him that she is Rei Ichinose and that Rei won a high school dance competition but has never spoken to her personally. Makino then asks Mei if she wants to be an idol, to which she says yes.

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The next day, Mei joins the group. Kotono talks to Makino in private, with Makino saying he sees the group as incomplete. He tells her that he added Mei to the group to change the atmosphere, however Kotono sees it as Mei having a quality that she lacks.

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In the dorms, Mana is excited over the fried chicken, with Mei agreeing with her. Mei confirms she can see Mana and Nagisa asks who she is talking to. Makino pulls her aside to ask why she can see Mana, with Mei responding that the ability has been passed down in her family.

While bathing, Mei asks Sakura what is on her chest, with Sakura telling her that it is a scar from her heart surgery. Mei later leaves the dorm to go see Mana, but doesn't tell the members where she is going. They assume she is secretly dating Makino and they visit his room. After tidying up the games that Mei, Mana and Makino were playing, Kotono opens the door to find the two of them watching a Mana performance.

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The next evening, Kotono stays behind after rehearsals to talk to Makino. She tells him she now understands why Mei joined and that she can feel the change within the group, with members now being open and enjoying themselves more. Later, Makino visits the venue that Mana debuted in, and tells her that this is where the Hoshimi Production girls will be debuting soon.

Makino addresses the members and says that they will be training for their debut, however, Sakura will be leaving the group.



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