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Separate Lights, One Feeling (別の光 同じ気持ち; Betsu no Hikari Onaji Kimochi) is the fifth episode of the IDOLY PRIDE anime series. It aired on February 7, 2021.


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At the office, Makino announces that Hoshimi Production will be debuting as two groups with Kotono and Sakura as the respective leaders. Rei Ichinose and Haruko Saeki also join the group as new members.

Back at the dorms, Chisa confides in Sakura and Shizuku, telling them she is nervous about being away from Saki, in addition to feeling as if she is not as skilled as the other members.

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During rehearsals the next day, Rei gives each member points to improve on. In the evening, she also gives the members books to read up about dancing. The following day, Haruko suggests the group take a break, with Rei saying they don't have any time to waste. Chisa begins to cry after Rei asks if she's serious about becoming an idol.

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After Rei leaves practice early, the remaining members enter a convenience store to find Rei working at the counter. Rei tells them she has to become a top idol to prove to her parents that she can become successful, but has to work part-time to live as she has moved away from home.

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Kotono and Sakura have a talk about the problems they are facing within their lives. The next day, Sakura calls the members to see the nemophila flowers that are outside the office; Sakura tells them that the nemophila flower represents "success everywhere". The five of them take a photo in front of it, with the remaining members joining the shot too.



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