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Shining Smile is the seventh episode of the IDOLY PRIDE anime series. It aired on February 21, 2021.


As Sunny Peace explain on their radio show, both Hoshimi Production groups will be competing at the VENUS Program. Sunny Peace win the first round against Rokochan, with Tsuki no Tempest beating Growing July. Kotono appears sad while winning, after witnessing the losing group looking disappointed. Growing July approach Tsuki no Tempest after the event, and Kotono tells them they should work together one day.

Saegusa tells the members that the Next Venus Grand Prix will be returning after a three year hiatus, which was caused by Mana's accident. Both groups decide to enter the competition.

The Hoshimi Production members are given a day off from work, which they spend relaxing, shopping and training. Sakura talks to Haruko as she is gardening, and Haruko decides to get out her pool. Shizuku and Suzu play with water guns while Haruko and Sakura sit in the pool. Later, the rest of the members meet at the pool, where Sakura mentions the scar on her chest and her heart surgery.

In the evening, Rei, Mei and Suzu go shopping to prepare for the member's barbeque in the garden. While eating, Makino sets up a projector and plays footage of Mana in the dressing room before a performance. Mana gets mad at Makino and asks why he didn't delete the video.

After eating and cleaning up, Kotono and Sakura talk outside and tell each other they will not lose to each other at the Grand Prix.



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