Shinji Saegusa (三枝信司) is the president of the company Hoshimi Production.


Shinji has short dark gray hair, shaven in the backside, a matching color goatee, and light gray eyes. He wears a gray dress jacket over a gray long sleeve sweater, black dress pants, and shoes.


Shinji is the president of Hoshimi Production; however, he used to work for the major company, Van Production. He later became independent and established his own company in Hoshimi City. He has an air of aloofness about him, but he exudes an extraordinarily unusual atmosphere.


  • The name Shinji means "trust, believe" (信) (shin) and "officer, boss" (司) (ji).
  • Shinji's surname Saegusa means "three" (三) (sae) and "bough, branch, twig, limb, counter for branches" (枝) (gusa).


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