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The Reason We Stand Here (ここに立つその理由; Koko ni Tatsu Sono Riyuu) is the second episode of the IDOLY PRIDE anime series. It aired on January 17, 2021.


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Kotono Nagase runs into Sakura Kawasaki outside of the Hoshimi Production office on her way to her audition. Kotono tells Makino and Shinji Saegusa that she wants to join Hoshimi Production to become a solo idol, like her sister Mana. Makino tells her that this is a group audition, and she should consider whether or not she wants to join the company as part of an idol group.

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Before the audition is over, Haruko Saeki lets Sakura into the room, assuming she was another auditionee. Sakura asks to audition, even though they have ended for the day; while singing, it is revealed that Sakura's singing sounds exactly like Mana's. The next day, Kotono and Sakura return to the office to warm up for lessons and are told they are moving into the company dorms.

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Flashbacks from Kotono's childhood are shown, including the moment Mana decided to become an idol, when she was scouted, along with Kotono hearing her mother and Mana speaking about how Kotono feels a rift between the two of them. Mana tries to fix this by inviting Kotono to her next performance as there's a song she wants Kotono to here. Kotono refuses, telling Mana that her career is interfering with her life, before shouting something to Mana that is muted.

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Later, Kotono picks up the phone, presumably receiving the news that Mana had died in the hospital. While boxing up Mana's possessions, Kotono reads Mana's diary and begins to cry.

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Back to the present day, Makino and Mana are talking, with Mana realising she can be at peace if Kotono succeeds in her dream of becoming a top idol. The next day, Kotono and Sakura perform "First Step" outside of a train station in front of the passers-by.

In the evening, Kotono and Sakura enter the dorms. This is where Saki Shiraishi, Chisa Shiraishi, Shizuku Hyodo and Suzu Narumiya are introduced. Makino says there is an empty room next to his, when the members decide he is sleeping in the shed outside. Mana tells him that she'll watch over the members in his place.



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