Tsuki no Tempest (月のテンペスト; Moon Tempest) is a group under Hoshimi Production. They are also known as "Tsuki-Suto" (月スト; Tsuki-est).

They are a five-member group with a presence as the shining moon in the night sky, and a fighting spirit as strong as a storm. Their music has a fragility to it, and their powerful dance performance gives them a strong presence. The core of the group is the breath-taking dancing of Kotono and Nagisa, along with the unmatched technical skills of Saki. In addition, the gap between Suzu's skills to get the audience excited and Mei's innocent appearance and cool performance is a charm point. The gravitational pull of the moon, the ruler of the night, creates a huge storm.




Cover Information
TNT DM Cover.jpg
Daytime Moon

Released: March 17, 2021


  1. Daytime Moon
  2. Gekka Hakanabi (月下儚美)
  3. Daytime Moon (Instrumental)
  4. Gekka Hakanabi (Instrumental)
  5. Tsuki no Tempest Voice Drama ~Thoughts After The Debut Live?~ (月のテンペスト Voice Drama 〜デビューライブ後の反省会?〜)

Digital Singles

Cover Information
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Gekka Hakanabi

Released: February 15, 2021


  1. Gekka Hakanabi (月下儚美)
The One and Only

Released: March 22, 2021


  1. The One and Only

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