VENUS Program (VENUSプログラム) is an idol ranking system within the IDOLY PRIDE universe.

The system was first introduced over a decade ago with the goal of developing idol culture. In a pyramid structure, idols compete in live battles to raise their ranks and reach the top of the rankings. It is created using an AI system to use data from performances and skills to determine who the most talented newcomer idols are.

4-NAS (4-ナス, NEXT VENUSグランプリ; NEXT VENUS Grand Prix) is a competition to determine the best of the new idols. If they win, the idols who have been in the lower end of the rankings can make their way into the higher ranks, making it the best opportunity for newcomer idols.


Mana Nagase was competing in the 14th annual NEXT VENUS Grand Prix and made it to the finals, before being unable to compete due to her fatal accident. The winner of the 14th Grand Prix was undecided due to this as the finals did not commence. Haruko Saeki also entered the 14th Grand Prix but did not progress as far into the competition as Mana.

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