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You're Good Just the Way You Are (君は君のままでいい; Kimi wa Kimi no Mama de Ii) is the eighth episode of the IDOLY PRIDE anime series. It aired on February 28, 2021.


At the Next Venus Grand Prix preliminaries, Sunny Peace and Tsuki no Tempest are competing for one of sixteen spots for the final round. Makino tells the members that both groups made it through to the final.

Sakura asks Makino to accompany her to her check-up at the doctors, but they are interrupted by the other members. They tell him that LizNoir are at the studio. Rio Kanzaki congratulates them for making it to the final, but calls Kotono an inferior copy of Mana.

At the doctor's appointment, Makino tells the doctor that he wanted to know who Sakura's heart donor was, as he had a hunch that it may be Mana's heart that was given to her.

Back at the dorms, the members eat a big dinner and read online posts that people had said about the members. Kotono becomes upset at being compared to Mana, while Sakura apologises to Kotono for her voice sounding like Mana.

Sakura tries to sing in another style to stop being compared to Mana, and Kotono pulls her aside to talk to her privately. Kotono becomes upset as she believes she isn't as talented as Mana was, and wants Sakura to continue singing in her normal style. Kotono tells Sakura she wants her to sing the song that Mana was meant to sing at the Grand Prix finals.



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